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Website of Interiors designer website.
Web Design of video production agency website.
Web Design of property maintenance company website.
Web Design of celebrity website.
Web Design of online store website.
Web Design of leadership coach website for Louise Howells.
App design of photography website.
Web Design of airbnb management website.
Web Design of coworking space website.
Web Design of Manchester Restaurant website.
Web Design of online store website.
Web Design of coaching website.
Web Design of leadership coach website for Louise Howells.
Web Design of online store website.
Web Design of celebrity website.
Web Design of property maintenance company website.
Web Design of video production agency website.
Web Design of Skin Therapist website
Web Design of coaching website.
Web Design of online store website.
Web Design of Manchester Restaurant website.
Web Design of coworking space website.
Web Design of airbnb management website.
App design of photography website.

Don't settle for mediocrity – choose a web agency that stands out.

Riot & Rebel is a no-BS web design agency based in Manchester that builds killer websites that deliver exceptional results.

We help ambitious businesses thrive online by supercharging their web presence to attract and resonate with their target audience.

Web Design Screenshot for Eight EnginesWeb Design screenshot for Ben StokesWeb Design Screenshot for Rosie Glow
Featured Work

Eight Engines

Eight Engines needed a refreshed website to better mirror their brand and enhance the user experience. Other goals included a new user-friendly CMS, better technical SEO, and improved performance.


A complete redesign and build on Webflow replaced the outdated Squarespace platform. This led to a vastly better user experience and advanced SEO enhancements, all in a sleek, edgy design that truly represents the Eight Engines brand.

The redesigned site now effectively draws more relevant visitors, improves conversion rates, and fosters business growth. We also streamlined the backend, making content management easy for non-technical staff, ensuring the site's long-term appeal and engagement.

Web Design screenshot of Eight Engines
Featured Work

Ben Stokes

In collaboration with Ben Stokes and his PR team, we embarked on creating his first official website. The objective was to encapsulate his cricketing career in a digital space, offering a blend of personal insights, sponsor links, and press updates. The design needed to be both sleek and edgy, reflecting Ben's personal brand, while also ensuring ease of use and strong SEO presence.


A modern and stylish website that mirrors Ben Stokes' distinct personal brand, effectively showcasing his sponsors and delivering frequent updates to fans and media. The site features a streamlined Webflow CMS, customised for his PR team, facilitating easy content management and ensuring it remains a timely and key resource for all things Ben.

Web Design of Ben Stokes website
Featured Work

The Rosie Glow

Following a rebrand and fresh business direction, The Rosie Glow required a redesign that aligned their website with the new offerings and brand. The goal was to craft a online space that captured the essence of the brand’s evolution and seamlessly integrated with essential tools like Mailchimp and Timely.


The reimagined website for The Rosie Glow effectively mirrors its refreshed brand and services. Integrating seamlessly with Mailchimp and Timely, it elevates the client experience with streamlined marketing and simplified booking without leaving the site. This rejuvenated online platform is a vibrant testament to The Rosie Glow's exciting new chapter.

Web Design Screenshot of Rosie Glow Website

From the off, Riot & Rebel really understood us. They created designs that were very engaging and reflected our brand really well. With some clever and informative content ideas, they brought our restaurant offering to life.

Nelson Lam, co-founder of VietShack
Nelson Lam

Riot & Rebel did an incredible job of designing and building our new website. Their communication, attention to detail and guidance was top-notch throughout. They totally understood how we wanted the site to look and function. Highly recommended!

We're thrilled with the design and outcome. We've received great feedback from clients and peers. The team at Riot & Rebel was excellent in explaining their design choices and really understood our vision for the new website.

Photo of Caroline from Full Volume
Founding Director

Right from our very first meeting, Riot & Rebel have consistently delivered an outstanding service. As our long-term website partners, they are always on hand to offer guidance. I highly recommend them for their exceptional services and work.

Photo of Sue from PHW
Charity Founder

Services overview

Our Manchester based web design studio specialises in creating web experiences that are visually engaging, highly functional and simple for users to navigate. We understand all of the parts that make up a high-performing website and more importantly how to apply that knowledge to your vision, goals and needs.

Web Design

We craft web experiences that are not only visually striking and effortlessly navigable, but also packed with functionality. Our skill lies in understanding every element that powers a top-tier website, and crucially, how that aligns with your unique vision.

Web Development

Expertly blending advanced coding with functional design, our team builds websites that excel in both looks and performance. Additionally, we specialise in developing custom extensions to increase your website's capabilities and functionality.

Website Packages

Our fixed-cost packages are excellent value and offer a straightforward path to a top-tier website, ideal for those requiring a simple, all-inclusive website solution that is fully managed by our in-house team, leaving you to focus on other areas.

Website Plans

Partner with us to keep your website in top shape. Our site plans are perfect for businesses seeking a hassle-free, continuously optimised web presence, featuring top-end hosting, regular maintenance, timely content updates, and tech support.

SEO Services

Enhance your site's search engine ranking with our comprehensive SEO services. Our approach blends keyword optimisation, technical refinements and quality content to elevate your online visibility and user experience in the dynamic search landscape.

Webflow Partner

As an expert Webflow agency, we specialise in crafting responsive websites with its robust CMS. Our expertise guarantees a seamless, dynamic online presence, perfectly tailored to your brand and optimised for exceptional user experiences.


From fully-fledged online stores to lightweight payment solutions, we create eCommerce sites that are visually appealing and highly functional. Our focus is on customer-friendly experiences and robust performance to grow your online sales.

UX/UI Web Design

We deliver UX/UI web design services that balance aesthetics with usability. Our approach ensures every website element is crafted for maximum engagement and user satisfaction, resulting in a seamless and visually compelling experience.

Website Consultant

Leverage our extensive web expertise for insightful guidance on web strategy, design, development, and optimisation. Let us help you build a solid plan to ensure your website aligns with your business goals and effectively connects with your audience.

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We champion open, honest, and transparent communication. There's no beating around the bush or waffling with us.

Bang for your buck

Experience the value advantage with us, where your investment goes farther without any compromise on exceptional service.

In for the long haul

We invest in long-term relationships, leading to better collaboration and communication, and resulting in more successful outcomes.

Small team, big impact

We're a compact web agency that offers personalised attention and adaptability to craft tailored solutions for your needs.

Swiss army skills

Our crew brings a versatile range of skills, spanning web design, coding, SEO, digital marketing, and content creation.

5-Star street cred

We know that credibility and trust are crucial, so from day one, we've worked hard to build a strong reputation with our clients.

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Frequently asked questions

A few quick things to know about Riot & Rebel

Is Riot & Rebel a Manchester based web design agency?

Absolutely, Riot & Rebel is rooted right in the beating heart of Manchester, smack-dab in the vibrant hub of Ancoats - hailed as one of the coolest corners of the planet by Time Out magazine, no less.

Thriving amidst the urban pulse, we're at the forefront of the Manchester web design scene that's seen a meteoric rise, mirroring the city's own tech boom over the past decade.

Do Riot & Rebel work with clients outside of the UK?

Yes. Our Manchester based web agency isn't confined to the UK borders - we've got a knack for taking on projects worldwide.

When it comes to international ventures, we rock the remote scene, utilising platforms like Skype, Zoom, Google, Slack, Basecamp and trusty email to keep the communication tight and the project on track. And don't sweat the time zone discrepancies; we're flexible enough to adapt to your clock when needed.

Does Riot & Rebel offer search engine optimisation (SEO) services?

Yes. We combine great web design with smart SEO strategies, focusing on strong content and solid performance to place your site at the forefront of online searches. No fluff, just results.

How much does Riot & Rebel Charge for a web design services?

The price tag of a website can vary depending on your specifications and the timeframe you have in mind. We initiate our web design services at a base rate of £4000 for simpler projects, but we're more than happy to give you a ballpark figure once we delve into the details of your project.

If £4000 feels a bit steep, we also offer fixed-website packages that might be a better fit for your budget.

Feel free to get in touch with us to explore your options and find the most suitable path forward.

How long does it take to build and launch a website?

The time it takes to build and launch a website varies depending on its complexity. For a basic brochure-style website, the process typically spans 4-6 weeks. This timeline includes necessary back-and-forth communication. More intricate websites, like online stores, portals, or directories, may take several months to develop fully. Factors affecting this timeline include content creation, third-party integrations, and coordination with other partner agencies involved in the project.

Does Riot & Rebel work with other agencies and freelancers?

Yes, we're game to join forces with other agencies and freelancers on web projects. We've hammered out a solid network of partnerships over the years, regularly collaborating with the crème de la crème in marketing, content, and SEO realms.

Feel like we'd vibe well with your project? Give us a shout for a straight-talk, no-frills discussion.

Does Riot & Rebel offer other services outside of websites?

We're a powerhouse web agency, first and foremost. Our playground is the digital canvas of website creation where we design, build, and nurture websites that aren't just visually stunning but are also high-performing beasts in the online jungle. We excel at forging the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, paired with killer content that appeases both SEO gods and users alike.

While we do offer an arsenal of complimentary add-ons to amplify your web presence — like SEO and logo packages — we're not wandering into the territories of being a generalised creative or marketing studio. Our core mission? To craft websites that truly resonate and leave a mark.

How long has Riot & Rebel been creating websites?

Since hitting the scene in 2018, Riot & Rebel has been the go-to place for no-nonsense web design in Manchester. With a team boasting decades of agency experience, we fuse bold designs with robust technical know-how, creating web spaces that not only look damn good but work like a charm too. It's about crafting a digital rebellion, one standout website at a time.

What are the advantages of using a smaller web design agency?

Personalised relationships

When you work with a small agency such as Riot & Rebel, you're not just another client. We'll get to know you on a personal level and will be truly invested in your success. Typically this type of personal touch is lost when working with larger agencies who experience staff turnover and often have to juggle resources.

Value for money

As our overheads are significantly lower than a large web agency, we're able to offer more competitive pricing for our services. Put simply, your budget will go a further with us.

Flexibility & speed

Being a small tight-knit team, we're able to adapt quickly to changes and ensure fast turnaround times, something which larger web agencies will often struggle to match due to their processes and internal setup.

Specialised service

We are a web design agency through and through. Our web services and products are all geared around creating and managing high performance websites. It's what we excel at. Typically larger agencies will offer a whole array of marketing and creative services which can often lead to working with less specialised people.

What content management systems do you use?

We specialise in Webflow CMS implementations, which offer a user-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities. We also have extensive experience with WordPress and Shopify, catering to a variety of business needs and preferences. Moreover, to optimise performance, many of our smaller managed websites are deployed as static sites, providing fast loading speeds and a smooth user experience.

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